With the Government’s restrictions on adults entering school grounds can you please assist everyone by following the procedures below.

All student movements on and off site will be managed via the Forden Street gate next to the staff carpark during school hours.

Any student who arrives late to school can go straight to class.  If you believe that your child needs assistance, please call 9968 1100 and a staff member will greet you at the gate.

If a child needs to be collected from school for an appointment, please inform the school of the time they need to be collected on 9968 1100.

Your child will be collected from their class by a staff member. They will get a leave pass from the office and then be walked down to the Forden Street gate. The staff member will stay with your child until you arrive.

If returning to school after an appointment your child may walk directly to class. If they need assistance please call 9968 1100.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation.